Online VS In-person

1-on-1 In-person training:

I have been a personal trainer for 16 years and have worked with hundreds of people in person. From weight loss to sport specific. From youth development to working with seniors I have had the pleasure of knowing many people. For a long time I thought in-person was better because you actually get to be face-to-face and really get to know the client as a person. And this is true, to an extent. The down side of in-person is that other than the 2-3 hours we spend together, the client is really on their own and don't fully connect to the process.

Online training:

For many years, I avoided doing online programming for people because I had a notion that the quality would suffer, and what I saw out there really didn't convince me otherwise. It wasn't till I had been doing Corrective based training for 5 years that I decided to try and do a couple programs based on video instruction. What I found was actually a breath of fresh air. Not only was I able to ensure my clients learned good habits, I was also able to be more involved in their process due to regular check-ins.

The results that my clients attained were awesome and the fact I was able to modify the programs and share it with them instantly really gave them the biggest bang for their buck.

The main reason I love online training is that I am able to share my philosophy and knowledge with way more people. I have found that as more people sign on with me, the positive responses continue to motivate me to evolve everyday.

So even though in-person is great, I really must say that Online training is the future and it should be. The price of building a home gym and getting on an online program will save you all around.