How to pick a trainer

Our philosophy has always been "Exercise should better your life not hinder it" as we move into the next fad cycle of fitness methods it is important to recognize that those who invent these fads have zero accountability for your health. You and only you have the responsibility to ensure that how you exercise benefits your life.

While trying to find a system or brand that will give you both health and challenge can be tricky, it is not impossible. There are 2 main questions you need to know the answer to before you commit money and time to any fitness program or personal trainer;

1) Does the method match with what I truly want?

2) Does the company or trainer actually do the things they teach?

These two questions can save you alot of time and money. If your goals are simply aesthetic then you literally have thousands of options. The industry is saturated with trainers whom focus on looks. If however your goal is to truly understand how your body functions and how to best master it then you must choose a path of much more depth and substance.

Now that you have thought long and hard about what you want(this is crucial) it is time to find a program or trainer that will help you get to your goal.

First off, never choose a trainer who calls themselves a coach. That label is a way for them to sound better than what they truly are. Becoming a personal trainer is super easy, becoming a coach is much more tidiuos. The amount of training and education that separates the 2 is vast, so just be aware.

Secondly, always check out a potential trainer or their programs online. Social media has allowed us to know alot more about people then just what they say. Taking the time to investigate a bit will pay off huge in the long run for you. The truth is that most people will embellish their résumé or experience as a selling tool. The biggest things to watch for is:

-Do they do the same type of training that they are selling or are they just full of shit?

-Do their online programs include exercise instruction by them or did they simply just download a existing program and charge you for it? (this happens alot)

So in closing, even though personal training or online training is supposed to be professional. Sadly more than half of the so called pros really don't give a crap what quality they deliver. It has become more about likes and follows, which is sad.

Choose wisely and live actively.