There is no question that our bodies respond differently as we age. There is also no disputing that our training must adjust in order to maintain active, pain free living. I have worked with too many people who come to me because they got injured exercising. Either due to lack of experience or hiring a trainer who is not diverse enough to make necessary modifications.

Attaining fitness goals, whether it's weight loss or athletic endeavor, should never have a negative affect on your body's health. It is a common error to try and get better at training rather than training to get better at life. Especially for us who are over 40 and still want to be in shape. Don't confuse being good at 'the gym' with being fundamentally fit.

For many years I fell under that misleading notion that if I could CLEAN 300lbs or do 150 consecutive hard KB swings that I was some how in shape, yet my body hurt everytime I got out of bed, walked up stairs or tried menial tasks. I knew something was wrong with that equation. I also transfered my ignorance to how I trained my clients. Thank goodness I have always been super focused on progression and no one got injured. There were still aches and pains, which led me to changing my mindset.

After 10 years of living with chronic back and hip pain, it wasn't until I was in my mid-thirties I made the switch. And I am so grateful. Now in my Forties, living without back/hip pain, able to play hockey, run, and play with my wife and son. I finally understand, and that is why I developed a training system that blends fundamentals of human movement with specific traditional training to give my clients who are 40+ the training their mind/body needs and the goals they want. Without sacrificing their overall health.

Train with purpose, Live with resolve.