Worse everyday

For many of my clients the title is how they begin explaining to me what brought them to see me in the first place. What started with a simple adjustment in how they were sitting to find comfort while working away behind a desk for 8-12 hours a day began deforming the fascia. And after years of on/off discomfort the mind finally triggered a pain response so the person would wake up and take action. So now what? 

Well for anyone out there who spends over 95% of their time sedentary I recommend you begin by moving a little more everyday and what better way to reverse the deformation and begin living pain free than with a short guidebook that can be learned quickly and implemented into your everyday without committing hours to the gym or thousands on a trainer who most likely has no real idea how to help you other then make you do some HIIT inspired workout that will not correct the dysfunction, most likely will make it worse. 

We offer people 2 ways to fix their bodies and both can be used anywhere & anytime. 

Take back your bodies health by changing how you think about pain. 

Move better, Move often