MYOfascial exercise for the modern day

In order for us to dive into what Myofascial exercise can do for you and why I wrote the book, lets talk about about what it is.

Myofascia refers to the connection between muscle and fascia as it pertains to both static and kinetic posture. Within the proven system of Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers he is able to dissect human and animal cadavers and found there were connections that not only formed around muscle and organs it connected to bone called stations. These stations allow the fascia (connective tissue) to flow from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head, at some points they change direction and can travel along unilateral, contralateral and ipsilateral movement patterns.

The importance of Myofascia in both foundational and adapted movements is so much more vital than simply looking at muscle only. We never use one single muscle...ever. The body is built to utilize multi-joint movements, even a bicep curl uses shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints to stabilize and move through the pattern.

So now lets discuss the role of Myofascia for the majority of people who spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting.

While in a seated position, the superficial front line (discussed more in the book) is in a very shortened position. This shortening creates an over stretch of the superficial back line. By doing this, the fascia reforms to the demand its under so when you stand, the body is out of posture causing shifts, rotations and tilts in the segments of the body that control stability and mobility. The best example of this is the hunched forward posture with head-back-face-forward... bird like.

Myofascial exercise focuses on these body lines to correct and optimize the bodies postural integrity. One of the main goals is to stabilize the weakest portions of the back while freeing the segments that need mobility such as the thoracic or mid back area. developing postural integrity is crucial for injury prevention and over all function. Especially in this day and age of prolonged sitting we need to allow our bodies the ROM it craves and is designed for. I feel bad for people who walk around like their 70 years old when their mid thirties.

I recommend my book to anyone looking to correct issues without spending a bunch of money on Physiotherapy or Expensive gym memberships. it can be done at home, in the office or when you travel. Super easy to learn and implement into your daily lives. GOOD LUCK.

The book will be available September 1st. on my website for local purchase or on Amazon.

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