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FREE energy and how to train it

What is free energy?

-Free energy pertains to the bodies ability to perform tasks and movements without the break down of muscle tissue. Example is walking, those times when you hit a really easy stride and feel as if you could walk for ever, thats free energy, it's the connective tissue doing its job allowing the muscles to be more relaxed. The same is true for finding good tempo when you run and even when you train, you can use free energy. Let me say one thing, If you lift weights you get no free energy, due to the muscles being active under stress. If you however are like myself and train mostly with bodyweight, bands or most kettlebell movements then you can utilize the FREE energy.

It's one of the sections in my book coming soon, I promise.

So how do we train using FREE energy?

-The key is to be controlled and fluid at the same time, going to slow will engage more muscle response. Moving within our foundational patterns not only trains the body it helps with Neuroplasticity (remapping the brain). Why is that important? Well simply put, if you have a chronic injury or nagging pain it can be a result of your brain triggering the memory of when you got hurt. If you tweaked your back or knee doing a certain movement or exercise, even if you weren't seriously hurt your brain can trigger it if you move thru a similar pattern, it is called protecting or preserving your physical health. Once you train your mind and body to move through foundational patterns over and over the brain will remap itself to believe the movements are now safe and the chronic lain will go away, in most cases.

The saying that the mind controls the body is literally true. And forcing your body when your mind isn't ready can lead to negative relation.

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