Getting assessed.

The first aspect in helping people optimize their physical health is an assessment. The biggest mistake people can make is getting the wrong assessment and being left more confused then before. It happens often and I see many clients who have been mis-treated simply because their initial screening was done incorrect for them.

When I consult someone the first question is always "Is your issue a result of injury or is it chronic?" the reason I ask this is I am not a Physiotherapist and do not work with post injury. If they tell me it is chronic and a result of bad form or lack of movement i.e chronic job syndrome I ask them the next question, which is "Are you an athlete, what sport? or do you workout, what method?" This is super important to know before they book an assessment for two reasons, first it saves them money and me time, secondly it provides me with an idea of what is happening based on Myofascial Meridians.

People who play sports will create tension and imbalances based on #sport specific conditioning, a person who works behind a desk all day and then trains #Crossfit will create unique issues. Even if both people tell me they have the same dysfunction, it will be caused by two different elements. This is by far the primary reason why you need to have an assessment before you seek correction. With so many modalities of therapy out there you could end up spending hours and tons of money to get you no closer to an answer, even worse you could further your issue.

Different companies offer different variations of assessments. Most of the ones you hear about focus on performance assessments. So what assessment works for just the normal person who just wants to be pain free, be active and live healthy?

I can't tell you how to know which is best for you, because I haven't met you all. What I can tell you is that every assessment should contain at least two elements.

1) Postural assessment is required and should have 3 positional changes that are reviewed and addressed.

2) Gait assessment is the truth teller, it gives us movement professionals a view of what is working and what is not.

Gait assessment is my personal and professional go-to. It shows me so much about a persons patterns that I start here and then do a static postural assessment. We all have dysfunction I can guarantee it. So before you just reaffirm bad patterns, can it checked properly and optimize your bodies health.


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