Therapy alone cannot fix you

Agree or disagree?

Better movement is the only way to correct pain and dysfunction created by bad movement.

You can go to a massage therapist every week for the rest of your life and you are simply getting temporary relief to an issue that in most cases can be corrected by learning what patterns are causing and what patterns can fix. Like most methods of therapy, they are not designed to optimize without changing the root. How many of you blow thru your companies benefits in a couple months? and then after that you are left with the same issues and no way of getting release.

I am a therapist and I knew a long time ago that without teaching my clients ways to reverse or at the minimum balance poor movement they were never going to experience how good we are designed to feel. The trouble, is that each and everyday we are reaffirming dysfunction in our jobs, at home, how we sleep how we stand and how we walk. They are all examples of when and how imbalanced we have become. I have written about how counterintuitive being sedentary for almost 20-22 hours a day and then training as hard as possible really is on your body but I wouldn't even begin to dive into how bad it is for your mindset.

It is the dog chasing its tail symbolism. The dog chases and chases, catches it, lets it go and begins chasing it again. You want to feel better, relieve and rid yourself of chronic pain but you don't change your mindset about anything. Instead you seek temporary things that aren't helping long term. And believe me when I say 90% of you are not injured. You don't need therapy, you need to learn how to move better. Its not about getting a gym membership or buying expensive equipment for your home. No equipment and no gym will ever be able to teach you like your mind and body connecting properly.

The first section of my upcoming book explains this more detail along with step by step instruction on 'Body Prepping'

Move Better, Move Often.

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