Is injury a normal part of working out?

This topic has always kind of confused me. I was a competitive athlete and played many contact sports such as football, hockey, and competed in various martial arts so I can tell you that there are injuries in any sport that requires adapted movement and running into another human being. Even baseball, tennis and golf theres injuries due to demands on the body. I can't tell if injuries are sustained in soccer because of all the faking that goes on (i'm just kidding). But should injury be part of the fitness culture?

Look I'm not going to tell people how to train or what method to use but unless your conditioning your body for something much worse, whats the point?

One of the stupidest things I have heard in recent was about Crossfit, well it was about the Crossfit games in particular. They were talking about competing to see who the fittest person on the planet was. Not to be antagonistic here but are you really the fittest person if your good at working out. Compete in an eco endurance challenge and then start claiming titles. They were talking about a certain female competitor and even if I could remember her name, who cares really. They showed her background and life outside of 'The Games' as they call it and she was so broken, her body was so beat up she spent most of her time getting rehabbed and limping around. So let me ask you a question, does that sound like a person who is the fittest on the planet?

Just to be fair, there are a lot of other methods that can break your body so I'm not just picking on one. So why is it that an industry that is supposedly designed to help us live better, feel better and function better has accepted severe injury as an acceptable part of the culture? I mean the bottom line is that rehab and physio and massage and all the other modalities wouldn't even be necessary if we just trained our bodies correctly. Again don't get me wrong, I enjoy helping people with Myofascial Decompression but my clients will tell you I always give them exercises to do on their own that prevent further dysfunction.

Training is supposed to balance us and add symmetry. The simple fact that we are doing it wrong is creating such bad habits as we get older it will be very difficult for us.

Train well my friends

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