By now every person whether you workout or not knows about the swing exercise. It was first made popular by Pavel who revolutionized Kettlebell training to North America. Even though the motion can be done using various pieces of equipment The KB offers a much different resistance factor then say a dumbbell. It should be said that the correct way is to hinge the hips not squat, that is very important bio-mechanically because lifting and squatting at the same time will hurt you. The hinge allows the KB to travel thru an arc motion which is key to both results and injury prevention. The standard swing is one of the most used exercises in any routine. Whether your training power, endurance, conditioning, you are using this movement. It is one of the most common human patterns and develops the deep front line, the superficial front line and the superficial back line and travels thru the sagittal plane.

So how can we use this awesome exercise to develop other lines and travel thru different planes? glad you asked. heres how:

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