Prepping the body...

For training or daily living. The mind and body only remember the movements we do most. The brain especially, will map the most used patterns and neglect the others making the term "Use it or lose it" very literal. So it is very useful to take the body through various patterns before you workout or to start your day of sitting.

The first variation position is bending (deadlift). I have showed the different foot positions in another blog but that was for assessing dysfunction. Today we are talking about active movement for releasing tension and activating the lymphatic system.

The second position is the squat. Remember it is OK to have flexion in your spine, it is a natural motion and arching your back is actually creating stress in both the Thoracolumbar fascia and psoas hip flexor. Allow the body to naturally move.

The third position is the natural lunge. Take a neutral step as if you are about to walk, that is the distance between your feet in a natural lunge. This position is one I use the most because we as humans travel this plain the most.

The last position begins on your back and takes you thru multiple plains. I like this one because the ease of it. Think about a baby who is learning how to roll over, reach, crawl and get into a kneeling position. Just great and it feels like playing. Which is also pretty great.

I will be giving full illustrations and instructions for all the positions to help you stay active and moving in my NEW book coming soon.