Stretching...When to and not to.

Stretching. Increase flexibility and range of motion, correct? well not actually. We know that Stretching provides little to no long term solution to flexibility. It targets the tendons and ligaments and really doesn't help muscle. If we are talking fascia stretching then we start to get into a very specific tension pattern that is done by a professional. I have had fascial stretching before and can say that it did help but without regular pattern changing it wont work either. When used as an identifier it can be very effective. But like anything, if you don't change what caused the dysfunction, nothing changes.

So when is stretching good? Lets look at Yoga. A prime example of Hypermobility training and for the everyday person who sits on their butts all day this can provide some great results. Remember mobility is attained by moving the body thru full range of movement while under resistance, and when you move from pose to pose, that is when yoga is most beneficial.

Some call it active stretching or dynamic warmup, and that is very good. Getting the body to move thru the meridian lines not only preps the tissue, it ready's the nervous system for better reaction and prevents injury.

Stretching becomes counter intuitive when statically done. Again evidence shows that it provides very little benefit other than immediate relief, not release.

I have been doing Fascial fitness with my clients for a long time and have found that not only is strength achieved quicker, but the body finds its optimal mobility on its own, without forcing.

Keep checking my instagram @njltraining for great vids and tips. I will be posting a great sequence of myofascial meridian line warmups soon.

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