Is Strength training for everyone?

No, its not. But resistance training is; let me explain. When you hear strength training most people will think of squats, chest press, shoulder presses and bicep curls. The problem with those exercises is they limit the true mobility of the human body and for the average person training to sit and stand with weight is such a waste of time in the gym as is doing bicep curls, seriously do you really need to train to drink your coffee in the morning? If however you are an athlete training for a sport then absolutely you need to focus on certain patterns, and lifts like the clean, jerk, deadlifts play a crucial role in power development.

For the 9-5er like you and I we need to train our bodies like we use them. We need to focus on resistance thru our primal movement patterns like walking, running, standing from multiple positions. Rotational movements play a much more important role for us because we don't use our core like athletes. We need to challenge our bodies with movement not weight, per-say.

This is where kettlebells and bands come into our lives and save us. Along with focusing on unilateral, contralateral mobility and stability.

So before you just keep adding weight to the barbell, take a step back and ensure your training is really benefiting you.

Sometimes more is not better. And for most of you heavier is not better, better is better.

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