Fixing tight Traps and Neck Flexors

one of the best ways to test if you have dominant trap loading is the standing t-fly. It is easy to do and all you need is bands NOTE: if you don't have bands you need to find something like a bench or table and lay face down(prone) the key is the arms must hang.

Before we get to the test and correction lets discuss who may have dominant trap loading. Well every person who does crossfit, swimmers, people who sit at a desk all day because when your not using your core to stabilize your posture you guessed it, your thoracic must pick up the slack creating tension in neck flexors, extensors and traps.

Any elevation in the trap will be an indicator that your scapula is being pulled up, meaning the muscles that control that motion are over worked. Also look at strengthening the muscles that act as the antagonist to the trap and flexors. For a video of 3 great movements that help release these trouble areas visit our instagram feed at @njltraining

Good luck and stay moving

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