OUCH, My lower back is sore.

Even though we could discuss the Adductors as definitely being a part of why your back is sore, we are going to focus today on the QL and Glute Med.

Why only on those two? Well basically, we want to bring attention to those who sit alot. And with 90% if not more of the population sitting for most of their lives it seems fitting to talk about these areas that really suffer from not moving around.

The Glute Med- A major role of this muscle is to stabilize the hip while walking, running. Think of it this way. Those models who shoot their hips from side to side when they walk, the glute med prevents that. It also assists the TFL and glute min with medial hip rotation and some hip abduction if the glute max is dysfunctional.

The QL- Controls hip hike, pulling hip to shoulder. It also plays a supportive role when rotating due to the 3 point attachment. QL can play havoc on your lower back because if its tight, it can strain the SI joint.

So how do these 2 have so much to do with back pain?

The first thing to look at is the Lateral line. One of my favourites to work on and to train. Balance, gait and proper mobility are seriously effected by this line.

When you have a dysfunctional glute med, the hip will create more lateral slide or shift when walking and sitting. This pulls the QL (which remember has 3 point attachment) as the hip is being drawn down and the femur is being drawn up and out, the QL will work OT to try and stabilize the pelvis.

TIP: strengthen the Glute Med while stretching the QL

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