One of the most over used body lines that just wasn't designed for the demand.

Affected by all other body lines, all movement patterns and every sport. And yet we continue to over train it and spend little time to repair and recover. Every person out there who works behind a desk, on a laptop; Hair dressers, massage therapists, and those who spend most of their time behind the wheel, all use both deep and superficial arm lines. The consequence of this comes when preventive measures are not taken, rather most people will go to the gym after work guessed it, use these lines to lift and exercise. It is hard to avoid these lines considering our arms play a rather large role in our every day lives.

One of the most recurring issues people come see about is related to the arm lines and the dysfunction that rears its ugly head when not corrected or released regularly. Keeping up on consistent recovery and mobility training will keep you moving properly and prevent neck issues arising. What will not help is continuing to put tremendous stress on the chain without any release. Think about this, you are stuck behind your desk typing away and your arm gets tired, so to compensate you begin to shrug your shoulders, the arm lets go of tension because now you have transferred the stress to your upper trap and neck flexors and extensors. Now, your neck begins to ache so you adjust your posture and the stress leaves that spot and travels down thru your lower trap, eventually causing pain in your lower back....sound familiar?

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