Stretching the Hamstring...are you really?

What is the Hamstring? What is its role? And how can we truly stretch it?

The Hamstring Trifecta controls knee flexion. It contracts when in flexion and lengthens when extended. It also supports the adductor muscles and stabilizes in abduction. It plays a huge role in the superficial back line.

Strained, pulled, torn or just tight. The first goal is always, to properly diagnose what is going on before any action can be taken. This includes stretching. Most people feel as though their Hamstrings are tight so they do the most aggressive stretching out there because they get some relief, but at what cost?

Learning what is going on with these 3 muscles that act as a larger component that runs from the bottom of the feet to the scalp fascia (top of back of skull) will not only provide release, it will change how you stand and move. So lets get into why the traditional stretches are just not working.

Though the Trifecta share the same origin they do not insert at the same station. And this alone will change how we stretch them.

These 3 positions will tell you a lot about what is happening. Ensure you are rotating from the femur not just the ankle or knee. Also pay close attention to which position causes your knee to flex more as you hinge forward, That will tell you which muscle needs work. I work with many clients who come to me with 'Tight Hamstrings' when it is simply one of the three is doing to much and not sharing the duties. Most people I see get corrected with Myofascial Decompression Cupping and cannot believe how great they feel after. Imagine tying your shoes by simply bending over, what age were you the last time you could that.


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