Tempo over speed

I have to admit, I find it difficult to write consistent posts. For one what I find interesting is contrary to what seems to be popular. And secondly I am not an experienced writer so for anyone out there reading these who is, take it easy on your criticism. The most intriguing aspect to me is that I often sit and ponder what to write about and then lose focus and go do a workout or work on some other concept that floats around my never quiet brain. And yet just when I start to doubt even keeping a blog an idea smacks me across the face, like today.

I normally train or treat 4-6 people before 11am and when all 5 of my clients this morning shared the common theme, Pace. I knew I had my idea for this post.

When we talk about pace as it pertains to the normal joe and jane training, we are focusing on allowing the body to do its job thru each stage of motion. Take the squat for example, If they move to quickly into the down position the body will compensate with muscles that really aren't supposed to bear the stress of that movement. Creating not only poor patterning but leaving the body at risk for injury.

Pace is the best way to train the body to perform action properly, it teaches the mind to be aware of what the body is doing and then it can correct it with positive feed back. It is one of the most common errors with people who are not ready, doing dynamic or explosive workouts. The body doesn't understand what you want it to do so it 'makes it up' and doing this is just counter productive.

If you were to ask any of/or all of my clients they would tell you that they hear "Slow down" all the time. We cannot expect to retrain or relearn proper movement function if move too fast. Remember most of us don't move correctly in our day-to-day so imagine how we move while working out super hard and fast.


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