Functional VS. Function

I know, it seems as though they should be the same. Unfortunately in todays distorted view on fitness we are proven everyday that they really couldn't be more different.

When I think about the word functional and I know I'm not alone here, the notion of making everyday movements and tasks better comes to mind...right? and I don't mean to pick on these systems because I know there are plenty of rubbish trainers out there but these are what the masses know. I see systems like Crossfit and Orange theory and how they claim to be functional and I can't help but question the word and what it means today.

So lets consider for a moment that these systems out there are "FUNCTIONAL" (which they are not) lets talk about what Function means and what serves you best in both results and long term health.

Most of us were blessed with the ability to move, we were given two arms and two legs and we went thru the progression of learning how to crawl, stand, lay down, eventually running, jumping, climbing and then performing sports or other physically challenging tasks.

Function means to train the movements that we do on a daily basis. Just as we walk, run, climb, jump our training should follow along with these same principles, allowing the body to move thru its intended ranges. When we change these movements we must progress as if we are infants again because they are foreign to our bodies and in order to prevent injury and stress attention on learning must be paid.

As a Movement Specialist I work with many people that come to me all out of whack due to systems out there that don't care about your bodies health as long as you feel sore and stiff after. Don't get me wrong, I love working out with intensity but I don't do nor will I teach something without integrity. If one of my clients can't perform basic human movement patterns I'm sure in hell not going to add weight to the movement.

People say "Well it brings you more business" Ya. So. People are becoming more broken physically all the time. Physio and rehab is at an all time high because so called professionals don't have F**king clue.

Learn how to move and then worry about the intensity.

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