Sickness, stiffness, tiredness and plain'ol sluggishness has more to do with lack of just moving then we give enough credit. Most will say eat better, drink more water, which both are probably true. What we don't realize is we can fight off a lot of mild illnesses like colds and flus by simply moving our entire body everyday. It doesn't take hours at the gym or some crazy intense training, rather it takes 5 minutes in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Sound good?

Before you sit down for your cup of coffee, tea or whatever you drink when you get up remember that you just laid still for 6-10 hours depending on how lucky you are so do you think its a good idea to just sit down again? no its not.

Instead do this simple sequence one time. Should take no more than 5 minutes:

In a standing position, start by making fists with you toes nice and easy, focus on each joint flexing and extending. Then shift to flexing your ankle up reaching your toes towards your knees and then pushing the ball of your foot thru the floor lifting the heel up. Next roll your foot side to side to loosen the ankle joint.

Flexing the knees can be difficult for some so take it easy and do what feels good to you, remember we are just waking the body and igniting the Lymphatic system. I do light butt kicks to get my knees going with some small internal and external circles(for video reference click on Instagram)

The hips, oh the hips. This joint like the shoulder is a ball and socket and has multiple ranges of motion and with that comes more injuries to these areas. So first find something to hold on to or if your balance is spot on then proceed. Lift one knee up to the front so it is in line with same hip, once there rotate hip out and then back in, lower leg and switch. I do these 3-5 times each side. I finish my hip awakening with hip rotations and leg swings(again check instagram for vid)

now flexion and neutral extension of spine. Roll your spine starting at the lumbar and drawing your chin towards your pelvis. Reverse the motion focusing on each vertebrae. At the top begin rolling your neck first side to side then front to back and lastly in circles, again do it within your abilities.

the upper extremities, Palms pressed against the outside of your thighs lift up so arms are parallel to ground and move them out front of the body keeping the palms down. Once out front rotate palms up and back to down position before returning to start position. When the arms are back relaxed at your sides start hinging the elbow bringing the palms toward the shoulder. Do this a few times and start moving the wrist in multiple ways. Lastly start flexing your fingers focusing on each joint like the toes. NICE almost done.

Last is to bring it all together. standing starfish. Like a jumping jack but not. This you will need to watch video on instagram as it would take a whole blog in itself.

I hope this starts your day off proper.



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