Personal Training

The personal training we offer is specialized for people who are entering their 40's and want something outside of the normal training. Because I understand what you are feeling as you enter your 40's I also understand that exercise needs to be adjusted to fit not only your lifestyle, more importantly how your body responds and recovers. Results are attained by shifting how you think first and the training supports that. That is why I only take on NEW clients who are truly looking for transformation. I am living proof that my system works because I developed it for myself. For 10 years I struggled with chronic back pain, maintaining the same traditional regime and seeing no results except more pain. 

Until I made the choice to rethink, refresh and remaster how I thought, moved and trained. 

I want other people to live the same benefit I found thru training with a much better understanding of how the body functions inherently. 

As an athlete I grew up playing multiple sports including Hockey, Football, Baseball, Snowboarding, Running, and competitive Kickboxing. As i got older I knew I would have to change what sports I continued to play. When I turned 40, I stopped training Boxing and Martial Arts because of the adverse affects it had on my body. I was unable to enjoy other activities because my body was always sore. That is when I realized I wasn't 20 anymore. It was still important to me to play the sports I love likeHockey and running. My programs are specifically designed for people who are 40 and older who still want to enjoy being active. 

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