What do past and present clients have to say?

We began training with Nathan over 5 years ago because he was referred to us for his knowledge on golf fitness. Over the past few years he has helped Me with my chronic back pain and my husband who has had issues with shoulder movement. We cant thank him enough and look forward to the next few years.

Chris & Roseanne

I started with Nathan because I was in a constant battle with pain. I had seen many Physiotherapists and doctors with no long relief. I was told I would need surgery and potentially a full hip replacement. After 20 sessions with Nathan I feel better. I move better. I have days where I feel almost no pain. He's helped me on the way to healing and I can't wait to not only be pain free, but strong. I wouldn't have gotten there without Nathan's in depth knowledge and experience.

Briana M.

Nathan is a very realistic and knowledgeable person when it comes to body mechanics and what you need as an athlete or any individual to return to (sports/ or just back to being super active). I highly recommend him if you are looking to make a come back or recovery. He helped me a lot with my rotator cuff and now we are working on my Post ACL reconstructive surgery, and everything has been great. Again if you want (real results, and to go back to how your body use to function prior to injury, Nathan is the guy you want to see).


When I started with Nathan It was only for gym training, not knowing that he also did treatments. He quickly noticed I had issues within my body that were holding me back from getting the results I wanted. We then started treatments on my IT band, SI joint and scapula. After a few treatments I was getting better range of motion and the pain was subsiding. I have nothing but gratitude and because of It I would recommend Nathan 100%

Tasha K.

As I trained for figure competitions and for a potential spot on the Brazilian Bobsled team Nathan helped me tremendously with my recovery. My body was beginning to feel the affects of aggressive training plus being in Nursing school I was getting run down but working with Nathan and his system of Active Myofascial Recovery I was able to recover faster and keep a high level of output. I can't thank him enough for what he did for me.

Nicole S.

After a serious knee injury that required surgery I was struggling after Physiotherapy to get confident again. Nathan helped me reintegrate my injury back into playing soccer again with peace of mind that I wasn't going to re-injure myself. After a few months doing the Active Myofascial Training system I am now playing soccer and coaching youth soccer as well. With the confidence to both pivot and turn I can teach my players properly without hesitation. Thank you so much Nathan.

Jessica W.